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Routine Maintenance for Performance: Derby

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The Whole Story

Derby is a 13-year-old AQHA Appendix gelding. He has had a great all-around career doing roping, trail riding and competitive trail trials.  He has just begun training in cowboy dressage. Derby is a natural athlete and is thriving in his training program. However, as he learns to use his body in new ways, we have noticed that he has some areas of soreness. 

At this point Acuscope is being introduced.  Acuscope is supporting Derby by reducing inflammation and soreness (Gabriel et al, 2013; Curtis et al, 2010, McMakin, 2004), supporting tendons and ligaments (Aliyev et al, 2012; Lambert et al, 2004), and helping to build new muscle tissue. (Park et al, 2019; Zickri, 2014).  

Like any athlete, Derby needs routine maintenance to optimize his performance.  Updates will be provided as Derby continues in training and continues to receive Acuscope treatments.

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